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"One of the best meal we had"
_ From Ms Tina Ho. 

Highly recommended if you have a couple hours of free time while you in Hanoi and wants to experience home cooking. we did the morning class, our guide plus chef Trang was excellent. The language lesson at the start of the class and the trip to the local market was great fun!!
"Awesome Travel in Hanoi was Great"
From Mr Charles 

Awesome Travel made our trip to Hanoi fun. Without this experience we would have missed out. I recommend the cooking class, scooter ride and restaurant walk, we did all three. The tour guides were wonderful young people with lots of positive energy and smiles. The price was reasonable. It was the best time we ever had. My friends loved the photos I posted and they all felt they were on the vacation with me. I am sure they will be headed to Hanoi and Awesome Travel as soon as possible.

"Wonderful experience"_ From Mr Simon 

I had a wonderful day not only learning about Vietnamese food, but also about the language and culture. Our wonderful guide helped with a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Despite not being the best cook our guide was very patient and we were all astonished by the result of a day's hard work. The day ended with a relaxed dinner in a beautiful setting at the river.

"Great Lunch at Scenic View"From Mr Trevor Newton

We booked a city tour of Hanoi with Awesome Travel a few days before our holiday and noticed they were offering a trip to a Restaurant also. We were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves picking up Mr Anh and being taken to his Mansion house restaurant, Scenic View.. Mr Anh and his family offer cooking classes, overnight stays and meals in their beautiful riverside location. We were the only guests that evening and were served huge quantities of delicious food and drinks. Mr Anh joined us and we spent a happy hour or so chatting about his life and work. We would recommend this for excellent food and a unique friendly experience.

“Delectable food and unparalleled hospitality" From Mr Zhi Lee

We didn't attend the cooking class but had lunch with Mr Anh at his homestay. He showed us around the mansion that used to be a restaurant and told us about the renovations he did to make it a homestay. He continually fed us with lots of different wines - rice wine, coconut wine and hanoi beer. We were amazed at the spread of food and tranquility of the location.

"Surprisingly the best cooking I did in Vietnam"_ From Mr Michael Hieu

This is a fantastic, very organic and wonderful tour where you learn about Vietnamese cuisine, language, life and people. I booked this tour because I had a free day and I had enjoyed Awesome Travel's previous tours I did with them.

The tour guide Ms. Trang makes half of the experience. She is a young, bubbly fun girl who has very good English. I also had an tour guide in-training Cuong who was also very fun.

The thing that makes this tour is the flexibility and catering things to your needs. Ms. Trang knew I was Vietnamese and allowed me to customise the tour by choosing the things I wanted to cook so we went to the markets selecting ingredients (in broken Vietnamese!). It was very cool and easy going. We returned to a beautiful, large kitchen and spent the next few hours cooking and learning about Vietnamese cuisine, life and language. Oh and of course we ate it and had some amazing "happy water" :) The CEO of the company even joined us as well, it was great.

At the end of it my Vietnam trip, I still felt this Cooking Class was one of the best moments I had. I was able to hang out with Trang after the tour and she showed me around Hanoi which was very awesome of her. Not surprising since she works for Vietnam Awesome Travel. Do not miss this tour!

“Awesome Cooking Class Hanoi”_ From Ms Terrenz

For those who love Vietnamese food, this is a must try. You will first learn some Vietnamese words for you to use when you go to the market to purchase your ingredients. Had a wonderful experience at the market where I think the market vendor were more excited when they finally guess what we were trying to buy. Hilarious. But luckily our guide/cook, Ms. Trang were there assisting all the way. The preparation & cooking was fun & lively. In the end the foods that we cooked were Zat Ngon (Delicious).

“Amazing experience - do not miss this tour in Hanoi”_ From Ms Abi

This was simply the best thing I did in Vietnam! I learnt Vietnamese, went to the market to get the ingredients and learnt how to cook proper traditional Vietnamese food! The tour guide was wonderful, the experience really well organised- overall an unforgettable experience. I would recommend this to anyone visiting Hanoi in a heartbeat, enjoy!

“Home Cooking and Great Fun in Hanoi Tour"_ From Ms Tess Wallace 

We really enjoyed the "Home Cooking" portion of our tour. It was our 14 year old daughters favorite part of our trip to Hanoi. Our guide and cooking instructor, Ms. Trang, was excellent. Our tour included a trip to the local market to select fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats to use in the meal. Our tour started with learning a few phrases of Vietnamese to help communicate with the sellers at the market (of course Ms. Trang was there to help). The local market experience was very fun and a great way to experience the local culture. 

The foods at the market were so fresh and there was so much to choose from. We then headed to the home to begin our cooking class. The home was beautiful and scenic (overlooking the river). We all had so much fun learning how to make spring rolls! The finished meal was delicious and included appetizers, main courses, desert, and drinks. We really enjoyed the dinner and the overall experience. I highly recommend the Home Cooking Hanoi experience. We loved it!

"Great experience!- From Ms Mariko 

I joined the cookery lesson with my husband. It was much nicer than I expected. First we start with learning easy conversation for shopping and went to shopping to local market by bicycle. It was great way to know the Vietnamese life. So energetic and lively market. And then we made many kind of Vietnamese dishes like spring roll, banana flower salad and also we learned how to carve vegetable flowers. You can enjoy the foods with local beer at the table beside the river, lovely location. Above all, the staffs and Mr Anh are really lovely helpful people! I highly recommend the experience if you have spare time at Hanoi.

"Really delicious food and sweet people for sure"- From Ms Caroline/ Sigrid

The cooking class was one of our best experiences in Hanoi. We booked it from our hotel and we were picked up by our sweet cooking-teacher Lily. We learned some few basic words for the market where we have to buy our stuff for the dinner ourself. Really cool! Afterwards we were going to the the kitchen which is a beautiful place with view to the river. A nice break from all the noise in the old quarter. 

We were only my friend and I, so there was a lot of time for talk and learning, which Lily is SO good at. We really enjoyed the hours there and the food was amazing! Just tell them what you would like to make and if there is something you are allergic too - they will fix it. 

There was A LOT of food and it was some of the best we have taste in Hanoi, and with the amazing view and sweet staff we had a great time and will definitely recommend this cooking-class! 

You also get the recipe of all what you made - that's great! 

Thank you where much Mr. Ahn and Lily! 

“Awesome Travel Experience”- From Eileen Tan

We booked our Halong bay, Sapa trekking tour, home cooking tour experience with Awesome travel and it was such a nice surprise. The tour arrangements were very efficient and fuss free. Enquiries were answered promptly and owner was very kind and accommodative. 

The cooking tour is a must try for 1st timers in Vietnam as it offers insights to Vietnamese daily marketing experience and learning to cook their delicious cuisines.

We had a wonderful experience in Vietnam with Awesome Travel. Thank you.

       ***Awesome Travel for Awesome Travelers***      

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